The Billion Dollar industry It take lives every single day...

Everybody knows someone who’s had cancer, is suffering from cancer or who died from cancer. Although it’s devastating, 39.6% of men and women will be diagnosed with the disease at some point in their life and only half of those people will survive. In 2016 alone, there were 1,685,210 new diagnoses of the disease in the US.

That’s 1,685,210 people whose lives changed forever.

That’s 1,685,210 people who will have to suffer.

That’s 1,685,210 families that became caretakers and gave up their own needs.

That’s 1,685,210 people who are fearing death.

With statistics like these, doctors, scientists, pharmaceutical companies and charities must be working hard to help these suffering people right?

Nope, think again.

That’s 1,685,210 people paying money for treatment, doctors, hospital stays and medication.

Cancer is destroying people in every aspect possible but the industry makes 124.6 BILLION DOLLARS.

The terrifying disease is not being treated the way it should be, it's being treated like a business and this should not be true, at any cost. Don’t let those phony fundraising charities trick you into thinking otherwise.

My dad fought cancer for five years and unfortunately lost his battle when I was just ten. My whole childhood consisted of me watching him suffer, year after year. It was emotionally and physically traumatizing. But besides the hardship I went through, my dad was constantly in fear for his life. There were so many moments when doctors entered his hospital room and told him, "You only have a couple days to live." My Dad and his abundant amount of strength turned those couple days into a couple years but even so, imagine hearing those words. In those moment, he must've realized that he is never going to see me, his daughter, grow up, graduate, get married and set up a life for herself. When he passed away, my world became dark and much of my joy ran away.

On good days, I clearly remember my dad doing research on his laptop on the cancer industry. He probably did hours and hours of investigating and he swore to me that there was a cure but he'd never receive it because he was also a gold mind. There are many successful treatment options that have worked beautifully on animals and on small amounts of humans but seeking funds from drug companies is a challenge. These companies tend to support chemo and radiation and more common treatments instead of these new ideas because they know that with supporting the traditional treatments, their revenue will continue to come in.

According to Larry Norton, deputy physician-in-chief for Breast Cancer Programs at New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, "Pharmaceutical companies exist to make a profit and cannot be expected to cover many important areas of research that go unexplored."

It's a scary thought to fathom that there might be a cure out there that could of kept my dad alive but it couldn't make substantial profit so it wasn't put out on the table of options.

The American Cancer association raises about 1 billion dollars annually. Of that raised money, 15% goes to organizing fundraisers and a whooping 60% goes to paying the salaries of its workers. Together that's 75%. If you donate a single dollar, only one quarter is going toward saving lives. But we don't actually know what institutions or labs this money is actually going to.

From personal experience, I can tell you that some offices I've been to of different charities are very nice. Maybe even a little too nice… Seeing modern kitchens, televisions, iMacs, expensive lighting fixtures and fresh baked goods lied out on tables made me wonder where all this “donation money” was really going.

A lack of donations is devastating because everything is overpriced. A saline bag costs about $1.00 to make, according to The New York Times, but it will cost $100 in a hospital all so that the saline company can bring in a huge profit. Your $1.00 donation to the American Cancer Society MIGHT be able to cover only .0025% of a bag of saline. Sad right? Imagine what the price of treatment is! Insurance is not a friend of cancer patients, it can only cover so much leaving poor families with medical bills through the roof.

Although there are claims from charities and pharmaceutical companies saying, “We need to cure cancer!”, they don't actually mean it. Cancer may be taking the lives of so many innocent people but it also putting money in others pockets which needs to stop. The world needs to come together and reevaluate the way this industry works because a person’s life is something that can never ever be replaced. Money, on the other hand, can be made in many different ways. Taking advantage of a disease for revenue, a disease that killed my own dad and so many others, is truly sickening and must be stopped.

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