Go Kart Project Hanish patel

Problem Statement- The objective of this project is to make a drilled power go cart and it needs to pass a drag strip, road course and super mileage test. The materials provided are a 18V drill, 1 sheet of 3/4" plywood, wood glue and miscellaneous hardware like screws. Our overall budget is $25 and we have until June to finish the project .


This is a drill combined with a chain from a bike to move the wheel and we will probably use something like this for our go kart.
This is a picture of a frame made of tubes that have been welded together to create the main infrastructure.


This is a sky view of our project and the main idea is based off a big wheel which has 3 wheels
This is the side view, our design is based off a big wheel and the length is 68 inches.


This is the shopbot printing our pieces we designed in onshape and then used Vcarve to scale the pieces.
We are adding the seat to the frame which are two long pieces of wood to replicate a big wheel design.
This is our finished product right now for the majority of the frame and still need to add the drill mechanism to the back of the seat.
This is a side shot of the front of our go kart. The wood planks on the bottom are there for support while we work on the steering system.
We are adding support to the steering wheel because the steering keeps leveling to the ground.
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Hanish Patel

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