Abuse by Law : Police Brutality in the U.S BY : asiah washington

"At the root of all war is fear, not so much the fear that men have of one another as the fear they have of everything."
A woman in the U.S stands for the "We Can't Breathe" movement against police brutality.

Police brutality is the issue and it is often thought to be caused by officers feeling threatened by a person therefore cause them to take what they feel are “necessary precautions” to protect themselves.

According to Everyday Feminism , The System’s Not Broken – It’s Operating Exactly As Designed.

Although it may seem extreme , this political cartoon represents how some people feel the need to respond due to the past situations with police encounters.

Police brutality is not a new issue. However , in the past , it was viewed as acceptable behavior. Police brutality "originated" during the civil rights time period as a form punishment or as a means of making African American feel uncomfortable and unaccepted.

Created By
Asiah Washington


Created with images by Fibonacci Blue - "Protest against police brutality in Uptown" • Fibonacci Blue - "Protester with sign "We can't breathe""

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