Harn Museum madison cydis

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: One of the pieces of art that I found interesting was this photograph by Justine Kurland. It shows a bunch of young girls in a pasture, and blurs the line between fantasy and reality to explore identity and stereotypes surrounding young girls. I think I was able to gain more from seeing the image in person rather than on a screen. In person, I could view the photograph from different angles. The lighting was also perfect. In addition, viewing the photograph in a museum setting adds to the experience, as it is quiet, and free of distractions so that the viewer can really concentrate on the art and take it all in. This image really spoke to me, and highlighted the fact that so many people choose to live in ignorance in the middle of reality, especially when it comes to the treatment of women and minority groups.
Design of the Museum: I thought this wing of the museum was particularly interesting. It housed Japanese ceramic-like work and stone carvings. I thought the design of this room was particularly interesting because of the natural light that came in from the windows that show the outdoor garden section. The connection between art and nature is depicted by the design of this room. This particular exhibit made me feel connected to nature, art, and the universe. I also really enjoyed the garden outside.
Art and Core Values: One of my core values is to always stay true to yourself no matter what is happening in your life. One of the works that really spoke to this value of mine was this photograph by Rineke Dijkstra which shows a young girl trying to appear "natural", but not really achieving that goal. Dijkstra's photography focused on the issues of identity and fitting into groups and society. This particular image allowed me to actually see the effects of failing to hold this value, and that it effects people of all ages. This work made me feel sadness, and brought me back to times when I was unsure of my identity during my adolescence. It was a valuable reminder to stay true to myself, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.
Art and the Good Life: One of my favorite parts of the museum was the section dedicated to Frida Kahlo. Although she was considered very strange by many people, I admire her individuality and strength to resist conforming to society's standards. This section had many portraits and images of Frida Kahlo, and lots of biographical information. Frida Kahlo was a living example of choosing to live your own life, which is an important concept in finding the good life. She didn't conform to society, and didn't let society's barriers, such as the inferiority of women, stop her from living as she pleased. It was yet another reminder that in order to reach the good life, we must not be afraid to go against societal norms and expectations, and showed me that although people may be seen as an "outcast" in current society, one day people will appreciate them and admire what they have done.

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