Tattoos on the Heart By Caleb Lazure

Chapter one does a good job of further introduction to the characters and setting. Many people think that homeboy bakery is folly. The homeboys begin to want to change their ways and become better people. G helps them in their mission to become better people. They are trying to make the bakery more trustworthy and get a good reputation.

Chapter two tells us how everyone is trying to become better people. No one wants to be disgraced. The part of this chapter that struck me the most is when the woman who was a prostitute wanted to turn her life around. This was very impactful to me because it was like Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene went to Jesus and asked for forgiveness. She wanted to stop her sinful ways. The woman in the book wanted to stop her wrongdoings and move on to better things.

Chapter three is called compassion. This is very fitting because it talks about compassion and how we need to spread it. The homey scant just spread a little compassion and hope for the best, but go full throttle and be compassionate all the time. Almost like agape love. To show agape love to everyone.

Chapter four is called water,oil, flame. A very impactful sentence from this chapter is- the highest form of sanctity is to live in hell and not lose hope. This impacted me very much because there are times in my life when I feel like there is no way out. In these situations, you just need to hope and know that things will get better. This especially struck me because of all the recent suicides. If people were to hope more and pray then hopefully they wouldn't kill themselves.

Chapter 5 is very impactful and is called slow work. We must trust in the slow work of God to become better people. What we pray for isn't always answered right away. Sometimes, it doesn't come in the form we are hoping. However, God knows what's good for us and wants us to become better people so that we may enter Heaven.

Chapter 6 is very important for the progression of the book “Tattoos on the Heart”. The main thing I liked from this chapter is how G told the homeboys that the killings would stop when they exited to. This meant that the homeboys would need to try and make a difference by being kind and treating people nicely. Kill them with kindness is a way to describe it. G is teaching the lesson that when you are nice to people then they will be nice to. You have to put care and equality in front of your ego. G has buried over 300 gangsters and wants the killings to stop. The homeboys are starting to want them to stop, too. They got their chance to make a difference and are doing something with it.

Chapter 7 is called gladness and is very important to this book. From this chapter, I got the question- what is a cosmic dance? After reading more, I feel like it is important steps in our life. Such as, birth, sacraments, marriage, etc. The cosmic dance is always happening because these moments are constantly happening to different people all over the world to make one big chain of cosmic dances.

Chapter eight is called success and is very meaningful. What really caught my attention about this chapter is Bill Cains look at the shroud of Turin. He said that If it's real then it's a piece of art, but if it's fake then it's just dirty laundry. I have spent a lot of time thinking about the shroud and use it to try and evangelize. Many people say that it could be any old person or that it's fake. I have gotten this excuse many times and am tired of non believers that just don't want to believe. I feel like Bill Cains explanation to the shroud is one of a non believer who doesn't want to believe.

In chapter 9, which is called kinship,I really began to think about the quote by mother Theresa. “ I suspect that were kinship our goal, we would no longer be promoting justice — we would be celebrating it”(Mother Theresa). This is a powerful quote that shows us how powerful kinship really is. My kinship, or family, is the most important thing to me and I'd do anything for them.i would love to have kinship with everyone in the world so that we might be more caring to eachother.

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