Night Night By rob and Zac

Climate change and green house gasses is a big problem we face today and we need to do are part. We just can put it off for are kids.Pollution is one of the biggest global killers, affecting over 100 million people. That’s comparable to global diseases like malaria and HIV.
This problem is cause by the amount of carbon energy we use and waste. This energy is then populated in the air.
The effects of climate change is heat waves and water level will rise. food will take longer to grow. what we are already doing to help the earth is fuel efficient cars and education. Also, laws are a bug help.
Problem we may face is customers and the use of the product.Also, there isn't must profit to be made.
Are product is helping the amount of carbon energy one house will produce.Also, its made with almost all recycled good to be even more efficient.
Are product is a device you hook up to your whole house and is used on your smart phone throw the app store. This device just like a computer puts your house in sleep mode besides your fridge to save energy. this product will cut the amount of energy use from 901 kwh to 701 kwh per month. which will save you money in the long run.
If every house in america used are product the united states would use 23.6 billion kwh per month and 283.7 billion kwh per year. Now these are some big improvement on are environment.
Every year human emit more green house gases than the year before. In 2010 we emitted about 10 million meter carbon tons.
We expected to drop the amount of pollution in american to a straight line. what i mean by that is that to stop the growth of the amount of population in the atmosphere. While saving the people money one electric bill. So go out there and get you a win win. One win for you and one win for the environment.


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