WEEK 3 NFL POWER RANKINGS 2020-2021 Season



As defending Super Bowl champions and debatably the best quarter back in the league, the number one spot is pretty clear. With an elite group of receivers, elite backfield, as well as a stacked defense, this Kansas City Chiefs team could be looking to go for another title.



This number two spot is again, a pretty clear decision. With the reigning league NFL leading this Baltimore Ravens team, a deep season seems promising. With yet another extremely talented set of skills players, the Ravens have a offense that kills. With their shut-down defense, they could also be looking at a Super Bowl or deep playoff run.



This is a re-emerging Seattle team. Being led by early MVP candidate, Russel Wilson, the team is looking strong. Hoping to have a successful season, Wilson has lead his team to two straight wins behind standout running back, Chris Carson.



This is another team with incredible talent on the offensive side of the ball. Led by future hall of famer Aaron Rodgers, weapons such as DaVante Adams and Jamaal William don't take their foot off the gas pedal. The packers could be looking at a great season starting off at 2-0.



Silencing the doubters, Drew Brees looks to lead his team to a late-career Super Bowl. With future hall of famer, Brees under center with star receiver Michael Thomas lined up, this offense is nearly unstoppable. Though there have been concerns about Brees' diminishing arm strength, the team looks like one of the best in the NFL even with Michael Thomas being out due to an ankle injury.



As an up and coming team, the Bills are looking to earn respect around the league. They have a young but talented quarterback in Josh Allen as well as weapons such as established wide receiver, Cole Beasley. Starting off undefeated in the first two weeks, things look to be going well.



With a now experienced Jared Goff, the Rams look to make a second championship run after falling short to the Patriots in the 2018-2019 season. With Jalen Ramsay and Aaron Donald leading the defense and players like Robert Woods and Tyler Higbee to help Goff on offense, they have built another strong team that can be a contender.



The Titans burst onto the scene out of nowhere last year, eliminating both the number 1 seeded Ravens, and Patriots in the playoffs, making it all the way to the AFC championship. Exceeding all expectations former dolphin, Ryan Tannehill had a stunning season with the help of star running back Derrick Henry. Hoping to exceed expectations once again, the Titans are one of the best in the league coming into the new season.



After falling short in the championship last year, San Francisco is hungry to win it all. However, the team has been struck with extreme misfortune; their star players in Nick Bosa, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Raheem Mostart all battling injuries, they must overcome adversity if they want a shot.



This is the first time in nearly two decades that New England hasn't been led by quarterback, Tom Brady. After recruiting former MVP, Cam Newton to take his place, head coach Bill Belichick has implemented a new offense that implements a lot more quarterback runs, making use of Newton's mobility.