Art portfolio Amanda Veldheer

My name is Amanda Veldheer and I'm a senior at Zeeland West High School! I plan on going to college for an associates degree in Early Childhood Education. I really enjoyed this art class and learning about the different ways to create art!

Blind drawings
Upside down drawing #1
Upside down drawing #2

The upside down drawings were to help us look at what we actually see instead of drawing the image we think it is.

Blind couture drawings is a drawing exercise, where an artist draws the contour of a subject without looking at the paper.

Patterns, shading andrepetition
Before hand drawing
After hand drawing

The shading is very important and can make the drawing come to life.


Portraits and profiles are arranged in a way to make things mimink the realistic face.

Stippling; value and shading

We added more dots to add value to the areas where the image was darker. The more concentrated areas are darker to show different values in the image.

Still life

I really liked how the figure and the shadow turned out, the left side of the picture is my favorite.

Scratch board; value and shading

In the scratch board, we would scratch away the lighter areas more to add value to the peice. Texture is also included by the way one makes the lines and the depth of the mark.

Two point perspective planning
Two point perspective final drawing.

The angles are very important to this project and making sure all of the horizontal lines go to the vanishing points. A vanishing point is the point at which receding parallel lines viewed in perspective appear to converge.


Before self portrait
After self portrait
Ribbon drawing

In this drawing, the shadowing and shading is very important to make it look realistic.

I really enjoyed this class! I loved that it challenged me to look at more than just the lines and shapes of drawings, it made me think about shading and value along with other key points of art. I loved getting to express myself in ways that I don't get to often. I really enjoyed the profile drawing and the zentangle pieces! I am excited to keep goon gwith my art and see how it keeps improving!

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