Being 15 in Bavaria Cisco DelliQuadri 3rd Hour

Bavaria's Famouse Oktoberfest

Bavaria is a the largest of the 16 Federal States of Germany. It is located in southeast Germany with an area of 70,548 square kilometers (27,200 sq mi). It has a population of 12.6 million making it the second most populated state in Germany. The state's capital Munich is home to the world's largest Volksfest (beer festival and travelling funfair). Bavaria is known for it's rich history, beautiful landscapes, great food, and having the world's best beer and Volksfests. (Bavaria)

15 year olds in Bavaria most likely have fun at one of the many Volksfest

To be 15 in Bavaria it is probably fun but yet stressful, because of the many freedoms they have and pressure to do good in school.

One of the biggest challenges a 15 year old in Bavaria might face is pressure to do well in school. In Bavaria there are 13 different types of schools. Every type of school has a different type or level of education, and has different opportunities that come from these different types of schools.(The Bavarian School System) Bavarian teens face lots of pressure from a very young age to do well in school, so they can get into a higher level school with more opportunities.

Being 15 in Bavaria would also be very fun. This is because of the many freedoms that teenagers enjoy in Bavaria. One of the biggest freedoms they enjoy is the very lax alcohol laws. At 13 you are allowed to drink anywhere when a legal guardian is there. At 16 you can drink and purchase beer and wine anywhere in Bavaria. At 18 you can drink and buy any type of alcohol anywhere in Bavaria. (Alcohol Laws in Germany) Also, students at any public schools can leave campus, and other laws regarding teens are very lax. Teens in Bavaria have lots of fun because of how much freedom they have.

Although the lives of a 15 year old in Bavaria may be very similar to a 15 year old's in America there are still many differences in their lives. Some of the biggest differences are how much freedom they have, and how stressful school is.

Through this process, by finding a connection, I understand that I have a lot of opportunities where I live.

This is because in Bavaria if you get bad grades you get moved to a lower school, and have a very hard time getting into university. In the U.S. I have many opportunities for higher education even if I do get bad grades. Also, if you play a sport for a club and you aren't good enough or if the club doesn't have the sport you want to play you can't play it. In the U.S. if you aren't good enough you can play for a lower level team.

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