GRP Casestudy

GRP is amongst the worlds largest rubber reclaim manufacturers and export's to 60+ countries across the globe

The beginning

The 3 month journey of creating simple GRP video started with a requirement of having a video for it's IRE exhibition. The initial thoughts by the client was to show basic GRP operations and then talk about its verticals, impact and research department.

Pre Production

Script was finalized which was a blend of both philosophy and facts. At this point we didn't know the film will take a whole new turn.


Our first shoot was at Solapur plant which is GRP's biggest plant. With only a few hours recce the team was taking shots. With limited availability of equipment's and art, the team got creative with the factory fork lift. They used it as a crane. Just one of the many make shifts improvisation by the crew.

After the first cut the client loved the film so much that they decided to send us to 2 other factories to shoot all business verticals. Our film was no more just a exhibition film, it was to become the official corporate film of GRP Ltd.


For post we had very limited time, since we had not accounted for 2 extra schedules and the deadline sword on our neck. It got worse with a parallel project with almost the same deadlines. The team pulled off a few nights and finally the project got delivered

The Release

GRP board members saw the video for the first time and clapped. A happy customer lays a seed for you to look forward for another project.

Behind the scenes


Created with images by gfairchild - "tread lightly" • Mark Cruz - "Man working on computer"

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