Dealing with cultural identities Brooke may 5th

Have you ever felt like someone is trying to take over? the Taliban are taking over afghan. in the book the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, Baba and Amir move to America to get away form the Taliban before his country is completely destroyed. Amir deals with cultural identities through out the whole novel. The changes from the beginning to the end because once he moved to America he learned the difference between many different cultures.

Amir is friends with amir but he kept his distance. Hassan is amirs servant " he was preparing my breakfast, Hassan asked if something was bothering me. i snapped at him, told him to mind his own business." (pg.23) Amir didn't really care about Hassan like Baba did. Amir didn't even stand up or say anything to anyone when Hassan got rapped. " he knew id seen everything in that alley, that id stood there and done nothing."(pg.105) If Amir cared about what happened to Hassan he would've done something about it.

When Amir came to America he realized that all cultures are equal not one culture is better than another and everyone did things with each other. "... boys at batting practice, little girls giggling on the swings in the playground" (pg.125) People are happy here they aren't ruled by a strict ruler. They can trust each other to have fun with everyone in the neighborhood. "he'd count them off on his fingers: American the brash savior, Britain, and Israel"(pg.125) The way these cultures act are much different then what Amir is used to. Amir is changing knowing how he left afghan the way he did with Hassan. Amir is more like regretting.

Amir really did change through out the novel. He left and never really looked back at afgan and Hassan. When he did Hassan and Hassan's son were in danger he was there for him. He took up for Hazara's. "you will never refer to him as "Hazara boy" in my presence he has a name and its Sohrab." (pg.361) He finally realized what he did was wrong by not telling people about what happened to Hassan and now he's trying to make up for it but taking care of his nephew. "wound you like to move back to america with me and my wife?" (pg.320) Amir really cares since he wants Sohrab to move back to america with him. He's changed he wants to protect him since he didn't with Hassan.

Amir used cultural identity to change who he is from begging to end. Wether the move to america or guiltiness changed his point of view on life with different types of people. Amir went from not really caring to sticking up for what he believes in. America completely changed Amir's perspective on life with that move.


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