A semester of changes BY emma Weis

I have always believed the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words." My parents would never get me an actual camera because they thought it would go to waste. When I saw that mercy offered a photography class I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity. They agreed and I got signed up to take digital photography. I hoped to learn how to work the camera, as long with learning to edit my own pictures.
During the first quarter of photography, I learned what aperture was and how I can use it to make my pictures stronger. The image on the left shows long depth of field, which means that everything is in focus. The image on the right shows a short depth of field, which means only the subject is in focus.
I also learned how to position my subject to make my photograph more appealing such as using the rule of thirds. To do this the photographer lines up their subject with one of the invisible third lines. By using an intersection of two lines, it creates a point of focus.
I removed the pen and marker from her hands by using the spot healing brush in addition to the clone stamp. I also brightened the image by using levels adjustment.
My funky HDR taught me the most because it showed me that the rules of photography are made to be broken. I also learned that if a picture doesn't fit certain guidelines, itmay fit others.
I think that I'm most likely to try to portraits project again because there are so many ways I can shoot my model or for them to pose. I also think portraits are the most fun to shoot.
I choose to do a puzzle for my final project. It involved a lot of cutting pieces out and rearranging it but I like how it turned out.

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