Sydney Mari Author, Graphic DESIGNER, Pianist

Graphic Designer

Hi, I'm Sydney! I'm a young, well-rounded author, who wants you to be my next follower on Wattpad! Help me get to my dream, by clicking the button bellow and looking at my works!

"Destined to be author, with amazing talent and style! New York will be callin'!"

"Grand pianist plays for thousands of people, at age 14!"

"Definitely will be the fastest on the track team!"

Sydney's original book The Guardians is about two fated lovers, doomed from the start.

" I've always wanted to write, ever since I was a kid. I just never knew it would my life-long dream, hope!"

Thank you to my Wattpad fans; for giving me the inspiration I needed, to my mother; who never stopped believing in me and helped me pursue my dreams, my father; who taught me the world is full of fake beliefs and opinions... and that I need to remember my own, my 8th grade ELA teacher Mrs. Benson; who set me on this path and helped me realize my true talents, my best friend Melanie; for being my writing friend and inspiration/editor, and to you... who took the time to read this.



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