Chapter 18 Noah clig

Victor Faces a choice now that he is back from Geneva. What will he do? Create the creature a mate or parish?

Victor starts to think about how he will create the second monster and he becomes stressed.

"I must absent myself from all I loved while thus employed. Once commenced, it would quickly be achieved, and I might be restored to my family in peace and happiness. My promise fulfilled, the monster would depart forever." (Shelley 136)

Victor and Alphonse discuss a two year trip to find out how to make a second mate, Victor promises Alphonse that he will marry Elizabeth when he returns.

"I love my cousin tenderly and sincerely. I never saw any woman who excited as much as Elizabeth does, my warmest admiration and affection. My future hopes and prospets are entirely bound up in the expectation of our union." (Shelley 135)

Victor travels to London to find out what developments have been made in the scientific community.

His best friend Henry Clerval comes with victor on his trip.

Knowing he has to make a second creature and face his fears depresses victor, so much that even beautiful scenery won't cheer him up.

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noah Clig


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