Pieter Bruegel the Elder The Life of an Artist

Pieter's life.

He was born in 1524 in Breda, Netherlands and died on September 9, 1569 in Brussels, Belgium.

The Dutch artist spent most of his life in the Netherlands where his father taught him how to paint and he also learned how to be a draftsman. Additionally, Pieter went to southern Italy and learned how to paint landscapes during the Renaissance, which he then perfected in his homeland. Over time, Pieter also taught his son's how to paint.

The Tower of Babel

His paintings consisted of religious themes such as weddings, or of landscapes, and society at large. Some titles of his paintings include the Wedding of Mopus and Nisa, the Peasant Dance, and the Wheat Harvest.

Peasant Dance

This painting was made in 1568 by Pieter. It can be found in the Kunsthistorisehes Museum in Vienna. This was an oil painting on wood. What is so significant about the piece and why I like it so much is because the colorful characters, such as the bagpipe player portray many happy emotions. I also find interesting the fact that he does not paint the rich and royal at a dinner party, but he portrays the commoner having the most fun they can possibly have together, which portrays Humanism. Everybody in the painting is getting along great, having a blast with their celebration. People are coming together and new friendships are made.

Children's Games

Fun Facts about Pieter: His patron, Mr. Niclaes Jonghelink, made him paint a painting every month for an entire year. Nepolean Bonaparte, the Emperor of France, took the Peasant Dance and brought it back to France and displayed it in his museum.

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Peasant Dance, oil on wood by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, c. 1568; …Kunsthistoriches, Vienna, Austria/SuperStock

The Tower of Babel, oil painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder c. 1553 In Courtesy of the Kunsthistorisehes Museum, Vienna.

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