Flippity FUN Easily turn a Google spreadsheet into super cool stuff!

Flippity is a great Google add-on where you can use a Google Spreadsheet to create: flashcards, quiz shows, brackets, crossword puzzles, bingo boards, and many more! See below all the available templates.
Below is a how-to video for all visual and audio learners to start you off!
Check out my step-by-step journey creating a Quiz Show!
First, sign on to Google Drive and select New, then click Google sheets.
Second, press Add-ons on the menu bar and select the Flippity add-on.
Third, scroll through the various templates and select whatever you want to use.
Fourth, a pop up will give you sharing directions that you will need once created.
Lastly, make a copy of the template and then edit all the different fields. For a game show you can create categories, point values, questions and the answers.
A video for a little extra help!
Create your own at flippity.net or download the Google add-on.

Here's the link! Or here is how you can download the add-on!

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