Furious 7 Review By: austin Scalf

The streets of L.A. where everything started and everything ends. The place where the an amazing family was created.

They are a family that sticks up for each other. They tore half of London down trying to get to this one guy named Shawn. Now there after his big bad brother because he killed Han and blew up their house.

The two people who brought the family together is Brian and Dom. They started out hating each other. Witch ever one is in a battle the other one is right there to cover them.

They drive cars out of a plane to safe a that can help them get to Shawn big bad brother. They risk their lives to save one person to get to another person.

They stick by each other side till they get this one guy. They make everything look real. They don't give up on each other.

The theme is "It doesn't matter if your a quarter mile away or halfway across the world family is forever." This is one of the best movies I seen. It's about family who stick together and don't give up on each other. They play their parts really well and everything is believable. How far will you go for your family?

Furious 7 is about a family that sticks together. They are a crew that street race. Well now they're on the next level. Instead of racing they're hunting while be hunted. They had a member of their family who was killed. They go after the person who killed Han. Dom house gets blown up. They drive cars out of a plane on to a side of a mountain to save a girl that can help them out. She has a thing called gods eye. It can locate anyone in the world. They use it to hunt the big bad brother of Shawn.

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