A Week in the Woods By Sharnae





Horse 15:24-16:04 Location: Beach, 16 prints
Bobcat 15:50 Location: Dunes, 64 prints



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Not a Mistake: Alex and Noelani

Songs: Sanctuary, Amazing Grace (New Style), Jesus Love is a Bubbling Over

Memoir: Not a mistake but something planned.




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Morning Worship

God is Always Near: Misty and Zarlinn

Songs: Kumbya, Joy Joy Joy, My God is so Great

Memoir: Not here sometimes, but always near

Night Worship

Reputation: Hannah and Sharnae

Songs: Lord I Lift Your Name on High, Dig a Hole, He Knows my Name (Chorus)

Memoir: Live for God not the world



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Forgiveness: Sam, Richard, and Levi

Songs: Jesus Loves Me, We Are Soildiers, Little White Box

Memoir: Forgiveness. A gift you give yourself


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John 11:35: Emilo, Isaac, and Ifiok

Songs: I've Been Redeemed, Sheep Song, I Love You Lord

Memoir: Jesus had emotions just like us.

Even Jesus has cried human tears.




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Caught on Camera: Garrett and Julien

Songs: Little White Box, Amazing Grace, Lord Prepare Me

Memoir: Act as if everyone is watching.

Temptations a door you open yourself


Cumberland Island has gained a rich history. Before recorded history native Americans roamed the island gathering its shellfish. In the years 1562-1763 Spain, England, and France ventured to the island to see what it had to offer. Cumberland became a British territory. In 1783 General Nathanael Greene was given land on the island. After his death Cathering Greene his wife built a four-story house called Dungeness.

The First African Baptist Church was built in 1893 for the slaves. The mansion Plum Orchard was built for George Carnegie, Thomas Carnegie's Son in 1898. The Carnegie's also owned an ice house, it is thought to be built shortly after Dungeness. Ice cut from frozen ponds or lakes were stored here.

The Carnegie family donated Plum Orchard to the National Park Foundation in 1971.



I thought that I would not like this trip. I expected only the worst. Based on stories I had heard I thought that animals would be everywhere I looked. Out of the three full days I was there I only saw animals about five times. I thought that sleeping in tents would be scary, but is was actually really fun. This trip was nothing I expected it to be.


We did a lot to prepare for this trip. We had to be at school Monday February 22, at midnight. After we packed and everything we got in the bus and headed for Georgia. I had fallen asleep on the bus and by the time I woke up we were at Cracker Barrel. I ordered pancakes, turkey bacon, and a glass of orange juice. After we ate we got back on the bus and headed to St. Mary's to go on the ferry. While waiting on the ferry I tried finding stuff on my field guide. Once the ferry arrived I knew that I could not back out of going to the island. After getting off of the ferry we made our way to the South Sea camp. I was tent partners with Hannah.


When we fished my partners were Hannah and Alex. While fishing the water was very cold. I was the person who held onto net on the end. My job was not as easy as I thought it would be. You have to keep the side really stiff and then flip the net. Overall I had a lot of fun. Touching the fish was probably the worst part.


Hiking in Cumberland was very relaxing. When hiking you are surrounded by canopy of Live Oak trees. It is almost silent except for the few birds chirping. Hiking with not as tired as people made it seem. Even though we walked a lot it didn't make me feel like I wanted to just stop and take breaks.While at Cumberland we hiked to the Little Greyfield Beach, Ice House Museum, Dungeness, the Living Marsh, and the Cumberland Cemetery. These places were very beautiful.

Living Marsh
Ice House Musuem
The Beach

On the beach I spent most of my time working on my field guides. I learned a lot from researching the different plant, shells, and birds. The beach is also a good time out with friends.The beach had an excellent view. The dunes behind you, the ocean in front it looked somewhat like a desert. It is a view I will always remember.

On the beach we played four games activities. The first activity we played was Oh, dear. In the game oh dear we have three choices of what we needed food, water, and shelter. As I dear you found out how you would survive. Your survival is based on what the environment provided (based on people's choices). This activity shows how fast things environment can go away. The second activity was Gauntlet it is all about trust. You have to trust those in front of you to raise their hands up as you run through them. The other people are lined up in two lines with their arms stretched out in front of them. It was difficult to trust people who seems as if their arms were never going to lift up. The third activity was predator and pray this taught us that animals always go for the weaker prey. As humans we went only for the people we know we can catch. That's the last game we played was frozen critter this was about survival it taught us that went to certain but vital things right out you could possibly die if you can't find what you need.

Weather Events

There were a few weather events that occurred while at Cumberland Island. On Tuesday night it rained hard and on Wednesday there was a sandstorm. In the forecast read on Monday night we saw that it would rain on Tuesday night. As we got ready for worship the next night rain started to fall. It was the day Hannah and I had worship. When we saw that the storm wasn't going to stop Mr.Davis sent us to our tents. The sandstorm was in another eventful thing. When we walked through it, it felt as if the wind would knock you down. It was kind of difficult to keep yourself from getting pushed around. If you were to turn around and face the wind face the sand would blow right into your eyes. Once the sandstorm ended I had sand all in my ears. These were the weather events.


On the first night Hannh and I were visited. She woke me up and to me that she was hearing something. I listened for a moment and heard some noises. I tried to ignore them but that didn't work. I eventually fell back asleep and then something woke me up. As I woke up I heard this strange growling sound. I didn't wake Hannh up because I was to scared to even speak. In the morning I told Hannah and it turned out that she was awake at that moment and didn't want to scare me when I didn't want to scare her.

On the last night Mr. Davis told us that we could get extra credit by beating him to the ranger station. So Hannah, Richard, Sam, Levi, Isaac, Garrett, Julien, and I decided that we would devise a plan beat him. First we decided we would wake up at two a.m. because we thought that maybe Mr. Davis would trick us and wake up extra early. So we all woke up and packed our tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks. Mr. Davis then woke up and told us we had to put our tents back up and that it was too early to leave, I was speechless. So then we decided that 4:30 would be a better time. We woke up and packed up and I guess Mr. Davis realized we weren't going to give he told Hannah and I he would just wake us up. In the end Hannah and I went to the ranger station with just Levi and Richard and beat Mr. Davis.


Map of Cumberland

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