This is what's left of Dakota Crescent, a bustling community that has now transformed into an empty ghost town. Built in 1958, the 17 blocks of flats was home to many for years. However, due to plans for redevelopment, residents had to move out by the end of 2016, leaving behind remnants of their existence. Many activist groups, photographers and historians have petitioned for the preservation of this landmark. It is sad to see Dakota Crescent go. Hopefully, it will stay for awhile more.


Cause of 6 million deaths

AGe together

Waterloo street tissue aunties

Elderly and handicapped beggars are a very common sight along Waterloo Street, selling a common item, tissue. I call them "Tissue Aunties"

Lost childhood

I miss being a child

qing ming festival

Although I am a free thinker, my father is a buddhist. Yearly, during the Qing Ming Festival (清明节), which translates to Tomb Sweeping Day, he makes a trip to Lorong Khoo Chye Sheng Hong Temple to make offerings to a late relative.

He pens down the late relative's details after buying joss paper from Haig Road Market & Cooked Food Centre.
Joss paper is rotated into a lotus-like shape to ensure quick and even burning in the furnace.
And it burns down to ashes

Artificial vs natural

went, fought, won

Yearly, the National Track and Field competition is held at Singapore National Stadium and Hwa Chong tries send all students to cheer for athletes full force. This year was no exception.

Councillor leads students in cheer
Created By
Aloysius Hung


Cover Photo by Pro dude SHIJI other than that EVERYTHING IS ME

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