CRISPR By Paul Ferguson


CRISPR stands for "Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats". CRISPR are segments of prokaryotic DNA containing short, repetitive base sequences. Each repetition is followed by short segments of spacer DNA from previous exposures to foreign DNA.

How is CrispR Useful?

CRISPR has the potential to be tremendously beneficial to society. CRISPR can be used to alter the genes of a human. In this gene altering scientists are on their way to curing many diseases. Using CRISPR, scientists believe they can find cures to diseases such as Cancer, HIV, Alzheimer's, Down Syndrome and many more horrible diseases. CRISPR is also believed to be able to delay the aging process. There is no question whether the use of CRISPR is helpful to mankind.

Should Crispr be used and Why?

I believe CRISPR should be used. I believe this because the things that are possible to complete with CRISPR are to immense to ignore. CRISPR's potential to good out weighs its pontential to be used harmfully. CRISPR, used in the correct manner, can do nothing but good for mankind. If you could cure cancer would you ? Well we can cure cancer with CRISPR so why would we not utilize its full range of effects.

Why is this interesting ?

The use of CRISPR and its potential is very interesting to the scientific world. CRISPR holds the key to the secrets of gene editing. With CRISPR, people will be able to manipulate the genes of any being. Yes this may be scary to think about, but the use of CRISPR and gene editing is heavily regulated and protected. CRISPR holds endless oppurtunities for all of mankind.

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