AUSG Spring 2018 Speaker Series

the applied urban science group hosted five speaker events in the spring semester.

Lightning Talks

Each event began with a few 5 minute lightning talks from current CUSP students and alumni. Speakers included:

  • Jon Kastelan (CUSP 2017-18): Musings from the J-sprint with NYU Entrepreneurial Institute
  • Isha Chatuverdi (CUSP 2017-18): Prototyping an immersive storytelling experience for visitors to Governor's Island
  • Ruben Hambardzumyan (CUSP 2017-18): Evolutional genetics of urban areas
  • Bailey, Tyler, Sebastian and Sofiya (CUSP 2016-18): The urban built environment and traffic accidents - findings from the London Data Dive
  • Nick Jones (CUSP 2017-18): Smartphone-based data acquisition for climate resilience in the Caribbean
  • Imran Khan (CUSP 2016-18): Establishing an Open-Data Demand Methodology
  • Charlie Moffett (CUSP 2017-18): Ethics and Accountability for Algorithms in Local Government
  • Jack Lundquist (CUSP 2017-18): Predicting Homeless Outcomes for Families in New York
  • Unisse Chua (CUSP 2017-18): Modeling Manila‚Äôs Jeepney: an Agent-Based Model with Driver Behavior
  • Dana Chermesh Reshef (CUSP 2017-18): Urban Built Environment of Tel Aviv
  • Avigail Vantu (CUSP 2015-16): MapMob
  • Geoff Perrin (CUSP 2016-17): Machine learning to support Detroit's urban renewal
  • Jonathan Pichot (CUSP 2016-17): The reality of data science in the city
  • Dara Perl (CUSP 2015-17): The Future of Urban Connectivity
  • Philipp Kats (CUSP 2015-16): The Value of Data Science Infrastructure at StreetEasy


We heard from speakers with a variety of backgrounds, all involved in tackling complex urban problems with data-driven approaches and technologies.

Rimas Gulbinas, Maalka

"Data Technologies & Sustainability in Commercial Real-Estate"

Niiobli Armah IV, Bloomberg Associates

"Equity Intelligence Platform and Data informed Decision Making"

Tim Savage, CBRE Econometric Advisors

"Real Estate Analysis with Time Series Machine Learning"

Cassie DeWitt, Urban Data Scientist

"Using Data to Solve Detroit Fire Department Challenges: From Mobility to Data Visualization"

Geoff Boeing, UC-Berkeley

"Scalable Methods to Acquire, Analyze, and Visualize Urban Street Networks"

student Engagement

Overall, attendance ranged from 25 to 45 people.

Each event had robust attendance from current students, along with alumni participation. In our final event, we hosted some admitted CUSP students.

Rimas Gulbinas

February 12th

Niiboli Armah VI

February 26th

Tim Savage

March 19th

Cassie DeWitt

April 2nd

Geoff Boeing

April 16th

AUSG would like to thank all CUSP staff for their support and encouragement in launching this Speaker Series.

It would not have been possible without your help.

Stay tuned for a schedule of events for Summer 2018!

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