plot and conflict Jurassic park

Teachers: Ellie Payne, kade Estrada, Lexi zavala, and Marco Polo

Materials: IPAD (if you do not have your iPad take out a sheet of paper)

Warm up: write five sentences finishing this story: A young man walks down the street but suddenly stops.

A linear plot diagram is used to show the main plot of a story.

The exposition is used to show the characters, setting, and to find the conflict of the story.

Conflict is the problem of the story

Man vs. man

Man vs. nature

Man vs. self

Man vs. society

The rising action is the biggest part of the story. Many actions happen in the rising action.

The climax is the "aha" moment or the turning point of the story .

The falling action is Like a man falling down the stairs It is a rough time but at the end it is solved and everything is ok.

The resolution Is the end of a story where the problem is resolved.

Make a linear plot diagram of your short story. If you missed key points in your story write more.

For your exit ticket you will volunteer to read your story aloud.


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