The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Caterina de leo

The Spatial Experience: Entering the auditorium, I first felt confusion. I did not think the Constans Theatre was inside of Reitz. Once we got to it though, I was pretty excited. The usher seated my friend and I right at the front where the actors entered from. It made me feel like I was apart of the play. There were points where the actors looked straight at me which made me feel like the play was solely for me. I always get antsy when the lights dim and the scene changes because I never know what will happen next. The auditorium was pretty packed which made the experience feel more legitimate for me, almost like a broadway show. I think that the role of place in the Good Life is very impacting. Where you are in life really dictates what could or could not happen to you. If you stay home all the time, you will never experience the awesome things in life. My Gainesville home (place) definitely has an effect on my life since I am getting a completely different experience than I would be living at home.

The Social Experience: I attended the performance with my best friend Bernadette Gomez. She picked me up half an hour before the performance to ensure that we would get there with plenty of time. I really enjoyed going with a friend as opposed to having gone alone. We chatted before the performance, discussing what it could be about. I was also able to discuss my thoughts midway, during intermission, which helped my confusion a lot. The play itself was very confusing and together we were able to decipher it better. I think that the role of shared experiences in the Good Life is also very influential. If I surround myself with good friends, good people, they will heavily affect my life. I think that i have a tough weeding out process for the people i associate with. I don't like to have pessimistic friends. I try to surround myself with people who will make my days better and life happier, which Bernadette did with this shared play experience.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The main theme I noticed was that the upper class get away with a lot more because of their social stature. Sarah Bernhardt gave a speech at one part of the play saying just how corrupt life is because the workers are very underpaid and underrepresented because they were from a lower class. It made me think about the Nike factories in China that used to use children. Since Nike is such a big company they have the money, power, and popularity to continue with this abuse and yet everyone keeps buying their products. The performance didn't really make me change my views but it did make me ponder about the social injustices of workers. They also dabbled with the "Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church" theme. This is still pretty common in the modern life so I suppose it was relevant to me. I grew up Catholic and went to an all girl Catholic school so I knew very well about this theme but no, it was not exactly "relevant" to me (thank the lord) ((no pun intended)).

The Emotional Experience: I think that the entertainment industry is one of the better ways to provide us with an opportunity for catharsis. TV shows, movies, plays etc. all have a way of bringing socially uncomfortable issues to light without it being serious. It rarely ever transcends fully to the viewers. It can also be interpreted in many ways which is always a good thing because honestly the world isn't black and white so opinions shouldn't be either. The Divine gives us the opportunity to "come clean" because it lets us view some social injustices in a not so frank way but also sheds some light to some dark corners we'd rather not see.

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