Devy Quills Loverboy Burnout


Devin Singleton, AKA Devy Quills, is a triad based artist and creative signed to the label Steady:hyperactive. His diverse discography, is buoyed by his two projects Bloom (Spring 2018) and Loverboy Burnout (October 2020).His unorthodox ambition for wordplay and lyricism is an immediately identifiable trait. His sources of inspiration include his personal experiences as well as the phenomena he observes in the world around him, and with his indiscriminate love for artistic expression, he is primed to continue his methods of communicating meaning. Whether the method is elaborate and abstract illustration or lacing even the most seemingly erratic sounds with compelling language, catchy refrains, and nuggets of insight.

  • Devy Quills has over 10,000 streams on Apple Music
  • Over 10,000 streams on Spotify
  • Has performed with acts such as Lil Durk, MC Chris, and TiaCorine

The Carolinian - University of North Carolina Greensboro News/Media "The themes and general aesthetic of Bloom are relatively universal ones; themes that relate to the human condition at large. -- Staff writer Trent Ryden describing the vibes of Devy Quills' 2018 project.


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