Wilderness Adventure cairngorm trail running from glenmore lodge

Nestled between mountains and forests, in the heart of the Cairngorms, Glenmore Lodge is ideally situated to get outside and hit the trails. We're incredibly spoilt here; we have a wealth of trail options leading right from the front door. Whether it's a long climb on to the arctic plateau, a steep techy bit of forest single track, or wide open trails taking you into the wilderness, we've got it all.

With Autumn being one of the most beautiful times of the year to be out and about, this is the ideal time to come and join us. With moody skies, deep colours and stunning light all combining to produce something extra special, you won't want to miss out.

Have Fun!

Obvious, right?! If you're new to trail running you might not be familiar with the thrill of hitting the trails and getting out into nature. Your times might change, your splits might drop, you will undoubtedly be more effected by the weather and what's happening under foot...but don't let that stop you! Running over different terrain, in different conditions is good for strength and resilience...both body and brain!

Happy Faces!

Judging the 'going' under foot, and understanding what the conditions are like is a real help - are you heading out after a week of solid rain? Has it been really cold? Or endless, wall to wall sunshine? After all, being able to read the ground so you can avoid sinking waist deep into a bog is always good! Staying light on your feet is a good way to tackle uneven ground and being prepared to walk up hills conserves energy on those longer days. Importantly, it's about tuning in and listening to what your body is telling you; doing this allows you to have a more enjoyable run, knowing when to push it and when to ease off.

There's something for everyone here!

We can't, however, forget that those impressive skies can bring wild weather, and we've already seen gale force gusts and the first snow of the season. So how do you make the most of this glorious time of year, safely and enjoyably?

Be prepared!

You might not be a Scout, but the old motto rings true. Understanding what's happening with the weather and the route you're planning on taking should guide you as to what you might want with you. Do you need to take some food? An extra layer? Gloves? Hat? Waterproof and windproof top, and bottoms? Have you got a torch? Spare batteries? Is your phone charged? Does it have a waterproof case? How much water do you want? Will you be able to refill whilst you're out?

You might feel that this is over kill, that you'll not need it...but what happens if you find yourself having to slow down and walk, or worse still, stop? A cold wind, sweat damp clothing and a rainy day all mean that it doesn't take long before you start getting very cold and pretty miserable.

Be Prepared

Knowing Scottish hills, and Scottish weather, we'd also recommend not going far without a map and compass, and more importantly the skills to use them. We often rely on our phones these days; Google maps guiding us around the country and whilst there's definitely a place for technology, you can guarantee if you need to get your phone out to navigate your way out of the clag, it'll give up the ghost at that crucial moment.

Eat And Be Merry!

We have exceptional cakes here at Glenmore Lodge! And whilst a post run mug of tea and cake moment is no bad thing, how do you make sure you're correctly fuelled for a long day out hitting the trails? The trail running nutritional market is pretty saturated and you'll not have been to a running event without spotting someone slurping down an energy gel, but what else is out there? How else can you best support your body with it's energy consumption on a cold winter's day, trail running? What's the best food to take with you to snack on? How can you fuel your recovery?

Running nutrition is something very personal (who knew mini-gherkins would be a race saver?!), but there's a wealth of knowledge and research out there. It's back to listening to your body and finding out what works for you.

Calm Day On Loch Morlich

Enjoy The View!

One of the best things about trail running is getting away from it all; leaving the tarmac and car fumes behind and heading out into the wilderness. With an opportunity to engage in all that nature can give you, whether that's wind and rain, or spotting wildlife, the exhilaration and thrill of running, the sense of freedom is gives, makes you long for more. Especially when the beautiful Cairngorm National Park is your proverbial playground.

Whilst many will want to stick to strict training regimes, stopping every now and again to enjoy the view, noticing the little things is wonderful. That feeling as you engage your muscles and sense the flood of endorphins flow through you...what a buzz!

Glorious Single Track

If all this sounds like it's got your name on it, then why not book your place on our Trail Running Gathering, taking place over the weekend of the 10 November?

Join us for a weekend of awesome running...we'll be looking at how to maximise your running in Winter, top tactics to run safely in darkness, navigating in wintery conditions, new gear to test, looking at nutrition and just generally having a great time with like minded folk. No matter what you're ability, there are trails to suit.

Busy that weekend? Then why not use Glenmore Lodge to base your own Cairngorm Adventure? We have a bar that serves fantastic food, Bed and Breakfast accommodation, or great self catering chalets available to book. Pop into reception, ask about routes, maybe pick the brains of a local runner, feel free to leave us your route card and head out on your own wilderness adventure!

Early Evening In Winter - Running Benefits!

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