Layers of the Earth By: Jamekia Harris

Crust- Is the outermost layer of a planet.
Mantle- Is the layer between the crust and the outer core.
Outer Core- The fluid layer.
Inner Core- A solid sphere in the middle of the fluid core.
Continental Crust- The relatively thick part of the earth's crust that forms the large landmasses.
Oceanic Crust- The relatively thin part of the earth's crust that underlies the ocean basins.
Lithosphere- The rigid outer part of the earth, consisting of the crust and upper mantle.
Asthenosphere- The upper layer of the earth's mantle, below the lithosphere, in which there is relatively low resistance to plastic flow and convection is thought to occur.
Convection Currents in the Mantle- The slow creeping motion of Earth's solid silicate mantle.
Ice Caps on the North and South Poles- Are dome-shaped sheets of ice found near the North and South Poles.


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