I believe that the universe is run according to the wisdom of God.


He created me just the way I am, and He made no mistake.

He designed me carefully and skillfully.

He was precise and artistic.

He took His time to bring me to perfection.

So even though I know I'm far from perfect,

How beautiful is it the fact that I'm perfect in His eyes?

Because His image is perfection.

Yes, our God is a God of perfection, and He is perfect in all His ways, all that He makes, and all that He does.

He created me in His image to be His reflection. To reflect Him! To reflect His glory and beauty to the whole world!

The more I refuse to reflect Him, and seek my own glory and selfish desires in attempt to fulfill my vain self-fulfilling prophecies, the more I'm unfulfilled.

The more I distance myself from His image of perfection, the more imperfect I get.

The Bible says He is acquainted with all my ways.

He knows me better than I know myself, and knows my weaknesses and flaws.

My difficulties and my anxieties.

He knows them all better than me, because He created them.

He created them for a reason!

Therefore they are not weaknesses or flaws!

They serve a purpose.

Their purpose is to give me a purpose.

A purpose which I cannot attain without first being trained in order to gain the strength, the wisdom, the humility, and many other essential attributes; but most importantly,

FAITH in His LOVE which gives me HOPE.

Saint Paul knew that best.

Now I also know that He must be in ABSOLUTE CONTROL in order for me to reflect His perfection.

But our God is not a God of force,

He is a God of love.

He wants to give you, but you have to let Him!

If you reject His hand and decide to be your own god.

You would be living a hopeless vain life full of despair, highlighted by your weakness and imperfections.

And the sad part is, most people don't even know it.

They don't know they're sick, because they never experienced what it's like to be healthy.

They think that their conditions are just what life has to offer.

Like a roll of dice.

They believe that their reality is just the way life is.

They miss out on perfection.

Which cannot be attained through our efforts.

The moment you give up control of your life to the almighty God of perfection who adored you before you were born, is the moment you'll never want to regain control.

Discover your purpose!

God bless those who hope in Him.

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