Hungary Country Report SETH KRIGBAUM...

Hungary's capital is called Budapest and is the home of the current Prime-minister, Viktor Orban who took office in 2010. Budapest precise location is 47.4979° N longitude, 19.0402° E latitude. The most spoken language in Hungary is Maygar (Hungarian) with a majority of 84.6% and 16.4% of other being the minority. Not-so-fun-fact: Hungary's population is not growing, but shrinking each year by 0.30%. The location of Hungary is land locked from all sides as it is in the middle of Europe.

Major land formation types around Hungary include of rivers, mountains and valleys. Some remarkable landmarks worth visiting in Hungary include but are not limited to: The Budapest capital, Fisherman's Bastion and the Chain Bridge. Some lakes in Hungary are the Velence lank (covering 10 square miles), Lake Balaton (229 square miles.) and Lake Oreg (1 square mile). Major cities in Hungary are (but not limited to): Budapest with 1.732 million residents, Eger with 55,000 residents and Pecs with 150,00.

Lake Balaton, Hungary

In Hungary the seasons consist of spring, summer, fall and winter as it is in the right geographical conditions to have such as well as being located in the northern hemisphere. Hungary gets a estimated 589mm of rain/precipitation each year (As conducted by The World Bank in 2014.) The average temperature in Hungary is 30 C* in the summer and 5* C in the winter. The immediate effects this has on business is the obvious: snow days, traffic and flights getting canceled. As well the summer effects the business via vacation days (21 per full-time working citizen, this required for a company to give, unlike America.

The type of government in Hungary is a Parliment Democracy (Fun fact: Australia also has a Parliment Democracy.) Its major religions are Roman Catholic (37.2%), Calvinist (11.6%) and Lutheran (2.2%) followed by other smaller percentiles.

Popular genres of music for country include these top three: Folk, Hip-hop and Opera. Speaking of Folk music top three folk performers include: Ando Dom, Parno Graszt and The Moon and the Night spirit. Traditional clothing for women consists of a apron or vest worn over a simple shirt and brightly colored skirts, for men a vest or shirt is worn as well as boots made of leather.

Political conflicts in Hungary are the fact that it is failing to complete a project of making a hydroponic dam with Danube as well as border problems with legislation and rules. Some health issues would include the moderate drug problem, the main source of these drugs are believed to come from southwest Asia and other European countries. A travel tip, keep all your belongings very close and in sight when you're in an airport because certain people could and may attempt to put illegal items into your bag to have them transported to another country, the reason they use your bag is because if the bag is searched, you're the one in trouble; Reason I gave this tip particularly in Hungary is because it is one of the biggest exporters of illegal "harshly" marijuana.


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