Castle Warfare Catapults By jenny carlos

When you siege a castle it means to have an army surround a castle or city and attack it with many different kinds of weapons. While many people in the city or castle are stuck in there attacking you. People in the Middle Ages did this so they can own the castle or city.

One weapon people in the Middle Ages used to siege a castle was a called catapult. catapults were used to throw objects in the castle or city such as rotting animal corpse, dead infected bodies with The Black Plague, and flaming objects.

How a catapults works is by putting whatever harmful object in the bucket. Then you tie the rope to the ground or you can hold on to it and pull back. After that you either cut the rope or you let go of the rope. Which launches the object to the castle or city very fast and quickly.

A fun fact about a catapult is that there are three types of catapults such as, ballista, mangonels, and a trebuchet. All of these catapults did the same thing but they were all very different models.

Another fun fact about catapults is that they were made out of wood. They used lots of wood from the forests to make the different types of catapults. Also the commander chose the types of catapults to build. In addition to that it was very difficult to transport the catapults to the battle.

The catapult that did more damage was the trebuchet. The trebuchet had greater energy than the other two catapults. It could knock down castle walls and strike an enemy and do greater damage to the enemy. It also had a high speed.

Medieval Castles have many great features. A great feature they had was that they had barbicans and moats. Barbicans were filled with deadly traps such as slits arrows and boiling oils. Last but not least, they also had a Keep which was a very strong tower. The towers of the castle were for decorative purposes and for defenders to shoot the outsiders.



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