Something Wicked A Rock n' Roll Lifestyle Choice

B.B. Gunnz , Rikki Steele, Johnny Roxxoff & 'Dirty' Dirk Danger

Hailing from the sleazy backstreets of the Somerset Strip in West Hollywierd, Cali. Something Wicked has easily earned their reputation as a hard living, hard partying rock and roll spectacle that must be seen to be truly appreciated.

This band of merry rock n' roll misfits came together as high school dropouts, where their mutual love for girls, guitars and self-gratification collided at a house party held by lead vocalist, B.B. Gunz.

"I remember seeing B.B. getting tossed out the front doors of our high school, head first into the pavement, but he still had both middle fingers held up high as he hit the ground" says guitarist and long-time friend Johnny Roxxoff. "I went to a party that same night and there was this room filled with guitars, amps and crumpled posters of Heather Locklear... It was B.B.'s place! The guy just got his face smashed by the school Guidance Councillor and here he was throwing a party!! We pounded a bottle of Jack Daniels and decided that we had to start a killer band!"

The guys found their rhythm soon after when drummer 'Dirty' Dirk Danger and his half-cousin Ricki Steele were forced to make a run from their previous band after advertising free beer at all their shows. Word got out and thousands of thirsty fans poured into the arena demanding their fair share. Dirk and Ricki barely escaped with a Les Paul and a handful of drumsticks but managed to find refuge in B.B.'s basement nearby.

It was in that dimly lit rec-room that the guys quickly mastered the rebellious art of rock and began their ascent to become one of the most sought after musical acts of their day.

"Looking back, all those nights spent partying, jamming and writing in that basement definitely defined us as musicians - but it was the live show, the time spent on the road taking our music to the masses, that's what makes us who we are..." said Roxoff.

"And we are Something Wicked!"


Photos by Jim Wells

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