Final Project 배이슬

When your world starts falling apart, you Just have to take a minute to feel the rain.

To feel the cold wind flow across your skin, goosebumps rising,

You know others are still filled with the colors you lack.

But there is no room to complain without feeling guilty.

So you just stand there, and when the rain and the cold air seem to seep into your bones, you can finally let out a breath of relief you didn’t know was there.

With that breath your worries float away.

Even if only for a moment, there is peace of mind.

The words, the photo, were all an attempt at some sort of poetry. And maybe it’s a bit sloppy, but maybe that’s just a part of the art. Even if these words don’t apply to you, the challenge is to put yourself in her shoes. To maybe find that twilight zone between sadness and contentedness.

Artist Statement

My artwork consists of a girl, a friend, in the woods standing in a dress. I created these photos by first applying her makeup, and then asking her to put on a dress and go outside into a cold rainy afternoon so that I could take her pictures.

The goals I had in mind for this artwork was to transform my typically bright and cheerful friend into a grunge, lost in thought, girl. The purpose was to be somewhat surreal, but also to make people uncomfortable and thoughtful.

I usually do not take time out of my day to take photographs of people, I tend to take photographs in the moment. When taking these "photographs of the moment" or looking at other people's pictures online, I am usually drawn to the "dark and depressing" style, so this is the style I resulted in attempting to copy. Overall, I do think, I hope, it was success.

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Reckless Basil

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