Animals should not be experimented ~~~By Syed Muhammad haydar aljunied~~~

Imagine that you are an animal being kept in labs to be experimented with. Instead of being free to roam jungles, you are stuck inside a cold metal cage in a strange lab at the mercy of evil lab scientists. That just doesn't seem right to. In this essay I will put forth some reasons why I believe it is morally wrong for humans to use animals in experiments.

To begin with, animals should not be taken out of their natural habitat. When they are taken out of their habitat, their rights as animals are taken away. Imagine that you are an innocent animal wandering in the woods for food. Then someone takes you away and uses you for experiments. And even so, eighty percent of the time, the animals that are caught are not even brought back to their habitat because they die. This is caused by mistreatment.

Animals should have the same rights as humans. They have many characteristics like us humans. For example, animals can eat, think and walk. It's the same for humans. Why should animals be classified lower than humans just because they can not think as well as us humans? We are all a piece of nature. Not just some lab subject to experiment with. Some might say that it is for the benefit of the animal. But, research shows that ninty percent of the time they are experiment to make cosmetics and other products.

Even though when animals are realeased from being experimented, there are still many dangerous side-effects that could deeply affect the animals welfare, such as abnormal behaviour, feeding disorders, reproductive disorders, etc. Then, when realeased they could possibly be unable to hunt for food and starve to death. From my point of view, it's just not right that they suffer from our benefit.

In summary, I deeply believe that we have to look in a different perspective to see how much animals are suffering from not being in their natural habitat. There is also research that there are side-effects on animals from being experimentedn with. Some people might say that the animals are being used for their own benefit.But, it has been proven wrong. Animals should be allowed to live pleasantly without having to be taken away from their habitat, experimented by scientists and being mistreated.How would you feel if you were an animal whose rights had been taken away, had been removed from your natural habitat and became a lab subject. What if monkeys locked you up in a cage and made you a test subject?


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