How population changes over time By: katie weimer


If there is a bigger bird than they have a bigger beak which means they can eat more because of the more big beak that means they can grab more.

If there is a small beak than they can't eat as much as the bigger beaks.

A giraffe has a longer neck so it can have more to eat and it can reach taller trees.
The bed bugs have something that can poison you so you need to watch for them when you go to hotels.


Cactus give a lot of good energy to animals that eat this.
Flowers are very well in protein for animals and birds.
Corn can be very good for humans and animals. It is a very good plant that grows a lot for us and animals.
This plant is good because it eats bumble bees eat from it.


This microbe is scarred all over the place.
This scientist is studying over what a microb dis and what it looks like
This microbe is a plant because it is shaped like a circle a
microorganism, especially a bacterium causing disease or fermentation.
This is a troubled microbe because it is all sated up and y


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