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Our Story

Started out of necessity in 2018, we found the need to create a candle that shone a light on conservation.

We peeled a candle to its bare ingredients and built it back up with care, with patience and with an ethos that we cared about.

We found a market for these among family, friends, friends of friends and finally the eco-conscious customer.

Our Ethos

We took care to make every detail in our candle sustainable and renewable.The WEAX & WICKS Difference allows for a sustainable product to break through a eco conscious customer market.

With 10% going towards Bee Conservation & Rescue, it introduces our customers to Bee Farmers and their passion across America.

Business Model

Having a strong relationship with our customers has enabled us to create a brand and a product that stands apart. We took our time, studied our markets and listened to what customers had to say about candles.

Over FALL 2019, we hosted 17 sold-out pop up shops all over New York, Brooklyn. & the Hamptons.

Starting Fall 2020 they will be marketed under the brand name VUND™

Our Collection : Candles

Our signature candles are available in 6 unisex fragrance profiles.

Available in 3 oz votive gift packs , 10 oz candles and 15 oz candles in Fall 2020.

Our Collection Wax Melts

Our signature wax melts are available in the same 6 fragrance profiles as the candles.

They are used in creating an ambience in a flame free environment such as office space, homes.They also find favor among pet owners and parents.

8 oz wax melts are to be used in conjunction with an electric warmer or wax melter.

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