My walk through theFlorida Museum of Natural History by: Jon falasca

Florida Museum of Natural History, Jan. 12, 2017

By being able to walk through that butterfly garden the FLMNH allows us to get an up close look at nature. This experience lets me and everyone else get a unique experience where you can see these butterflies in a copy of their natural habitat. You can see how these butterflies interact with each other in the wild. This gives us a better understanding of the beauty that nature holds, as well as, gives a glimpse into the mystery that nature holds as well.

Florida Museum of Natural History, Jan. 12, 2017

While I was walking through the museum my friend and I came across this exhibit, which I found to be particularly appealing. What first caught my attention was the variety of animals that were on display. There were quite of few animals that I could recognize and there a couple that I never knew existed. Either way I was able to learn a lot about each of the animals that were on display whether I knew them before or not. So to me this exhibit was an interesting and fun way to get people to learn about some animals that are extinct and or learn more information about animals that we see throughout our lives.

Florida Museum of Natural History, Jan. 12, 2017

This exhibit showed a collage that progressed through Florida's history over the last six thousand years. While looking back at the states history we can see how civilization evolved over time, and with the society around those people changing cultures and ethics that each group of people believed in also changed over those six thousand years. Now the way this collage is step up helps immerse the viewer in the piece because it helps you visualize the area and allows you to put yourself in the mindset of being in that time. This way you can experience the life this people had and be able to understand how they felt about the world around them.

Florida Museum of Natural History, 01-12-17

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