Good Life Tour of the Harn By: Alexsis Kirkhart

medium of the art/technique of the artist

Oil on canvas

Jim Twadell's Place- By: George Bellows

Twadell's picture is a beautiful oil painting in a rural setting. In the picture is a white house with green shutters, a brick chimney, and brown roof. A lady with a long green gown is in the yard hovering over a fire. The gray mountains are just peeking over the top of the roof. The shadows indicate that it is midday and the sun is shining directly above the house. In the front yard stands a large blossoming cherry tree with a bench that is shaded by its branches. On the side of the house are chickens roaming the yard near the chicken coop. Seeing this art in person made it much easier to appreciate the detail and effort that was put in to this piece. The oil medium gives the photo a little extra dimension and also slightly obscures any sharp details and distinct lines. Twadell's work communicates a sense of calmness and relaxation. This art work reminds me of my childhood when I used to spend the summer at my grandparent's farm up north.

Design of the museum

Untitled- By:John Chamberlin

The design of the American Abstraction wing was particularly appealing to me. This exhibit had a large, central room attached to two smaller rooms. The central room was very spacious, had high ceilings, and an ovular shape. The tall ceilings made the room appear even larger than it was. In the center of the room stood a wall about ten feet high. The title of the exhibit was printed across the top of the wall with a giant work of art hanging below it. A large, three-dimensional piece of art stood on a pedestal in the center of an open area. It appeared to be a colorful ball of crinkled foil. The pedestal was isolated from any walls making it easy to view from all angles (shown above). A short fencing was placed around the pedestal to protect the artwork from being handled. Lights shined down from the ceiling onto each piece of art, grabbing your attention immediately upon entering the room. The art was very spread out in a clean and organized fashion. The abstract wing was so unique and unlike the other exhibits in the Harn.

Art and core values

Family- By: Agustín Cárdenas

Family by Agustín Cárdenas is an abstract sculpture portraying two parent figures joined together with a child seated in their laps. This sculpture is a good representation of one of my core values: family comes first. Cárdenas modern sculpture makes me visualize my "future" family. This piece instills love and comfort within me as does my family. I will always make family my priority above all else. What is more important than being surrounded my people who love and make you happy? If Agustín Cárdena's muse is his family, he and I must share a common value.

Art and the good life

Sande Society Mask (sowei)/Helmet Mask (zogbe)

These masks were worn by the Mende people of Sierra Leone and Liberia. They have individualized attributes that reference spiritual powers. One who wears a mask provides economic, spiritual, and political leadership. The Liberian Helmet Mask plays an important role in society and attaining the good life. Each mask represents the ideals and principles of society. They also teach young men and women the domestic skills and knowledge they will need as adults. These masks are used to perform rituals to initiate men and women into adulthood. They define one's social role in society. Receiving a mask/gaining social status is honorable and a part of living the good life for the Sierra Leone and Liberian people.

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