Estonia By:AusTin tatum


Finland,Russia,and Latvia boarder Estonia.
Estonia,Europe is in the northern,eastern hemisphere.
This is Estonias capital city Tallinn the coordinates for the capital is 59.4370°N,and 24.7536°E
Estonia's temperature zone is in the tropic of cancer and also, Estonians lines of latitude is between 59 degrees North and 26 degrees East.

Physical Characteristics

This is hiiumaa wich is a known lighthouse in estonia
This is Lake Peipus which is the biggest trans boundary in Europe on the border between Estonia and Russia.


The total population of Estonia is 1.312 million people.But Estonians world rank for total population it is ranked 155 in the world.
There are 31.01 people square mile in Estonia. Estonia is also ranked 97th in the world for people square mile.
This is Estonian has a rapid growth rate.Also Estonia has a 1.52 births per women in 2015.
Estonia's biggest city's are Tallinn,Tarut, Narva,Parnu kohtla- Jarve. Estonia also is an urban country.
This is the net migration for Estonia all the way from 19600-2010.Estonia also get alot of migrates coming into Estonia than leaving.
Estonia is a developed country.It has advanced high income economy that is in the fastest growing in the EU.


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