Irregular Verbs Working to excellence!!

Goal today:

- practice our irregular verbs (past tense form)

How are we going to do that?

- start up activity

- writing for fun

- game

1. Starting up! What do we still remember?

- work in pairs

- left person completes worksheet A / right person sheet B

- after 1 min. check eachother's worksheet without book

- teacher will give answers

2. Writing for fun!

- work in groups of four

- each student writes two of three sentences of a crazy story. Use two past tense verbs (books allowed TB p. 163)

- after 2 minutes: paper to the person on your right

- after four rounds the story is complete. Choose best story of the group and read aloud

3. Well done! Time for a game!

Combine groups 1+2 / 3+4 / 5+6 / 7+8 (we must have 4 teams)


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