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Our Current Situation

For Nerds on Call we currently use Amplified Metrics at a cost of 10% of our Ad Spend. The account is in maintenance mode at the moment which includes:

  • Bid Adjustments
  • Optimization of Keywords
  • Adding Negative Keywords
  • Reporting

All of these tasks are essential and need to be continued as part of a weekly set of to-dos.

The Future?

The Squirrel Collective - A Google Partner

Our AdWords account has been linked to The Squirrel Collective's manager account. This is how all our client accounts will be managed.

Being a Google Partner comes with many benefits

  • Earn Partner status: Passing exams and earning certifications helps your company qualify for Partner status. Companies who qualify for Partner status earn the Partner or Premier Partner badge. The badge shows that you've demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise, met AdWords spend requirements, delivered agency and client revenue growth, and sustained and grown your client base.
  • Earn company specializations: Companies that have Partner status and meet the requirements can earn specializations. Company specializations display your specific product expertise to help win business and differentiate yourself in the market.
  • Find new clients: Companies that earn the Partner or Premier Partner badge can get listed on Google Partner Search, our search engine for Partners. Advertisers use Google Partner Search to find companies that can help them with their online advertising and website needs.
  • Connect with Google: Companies who have earned Partner status may have access to additional events, trainings, and more. You'll also be able to access AdWords promotional offers for prospective and existing clients.
Good News - I am already certified, and associated with our agency - The Squirrel Collective.

To maintain Google Partner status, there must always be 1 certified representative associated with the agency. A $10,000 90 day spend must be maintained and a "Good Performance" rating must be maintained. This is achieved by keeping clients on a long term basis and avoiding adding and removing accounts to the manager account too frequently as this indicates a poor customer experience.

Taken from October's Trend Report

Monthly Reporting

Our current monthly trend report highlights the completion of 5 main goals or KPIs

Prime Real Estate on
  • Mailto Link Click - How many times has someone clicked on our site to send us an email directly. This figure doesn't mean that they actually sent!
  • Contact Us Form - How many times did a visitor use the contact us form?
  • Find Computer Repair - How many times did someone put in their city or zip and clcik go?
  • Search Bar - How many times did someone use our search bar? We are able to start tracking what people type in here but not currently doing that.
  • Phone Calls Tracked - Primary focus at this time, these are those who clicked to call from an Ad or Website or manually dialed using a special tracking number.

Great, KPIs... Now lets talk money $$$

Optimizing our Ad Spend

The price we pay for our ads depends on several factors.

Quality Score has to be our primary focus!

Our lowest quality score right now are all Apple and some other branded related terms (Dell, Hewlett Packard), this is primarily because of a high bounce rate.

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that load a page then leave it within a few seconds, indicating that the page was not what they expected, or wanted to see.

We can remedy this by creating custom landing pages for every set of keywords, so that when a viewer clicks on our ads, they are taken to relevant content that they are more likely to convert from.

Closing the Loop on Reporting

A hurdle we have always had at Nerds On Call is a full loop on our reporting, we know that we have a $14,000 budget for AdWords. We also know if we turn this off, our phones stop ringing and we make less in sales.

How do we resolve this?

With immediate effect (once new role is officially assigned), we can roll out manual tracking for Sacramento to test out reporting ROI on our Ad Spend. Using CallRail, all numbers on the Ads and Landing Pages for each location will be trackable and unique, this allows us to use the number to attribute real sales in the CRM to an actual ad cost, this is something our current vendor can't do!

The landing page will also have an opt in form to capture the email address of the visitor, if a sale is then made from this contact, it can be tracked and attributed to the ad.

The only 3 options for those clicking on an ad will be to:

  • Call Us - tracked via Call Rail
  • Contact Us - tracked via Contact Form Code and Email Address
  • Bounce/Take No Immediate Action - tracked in Analytics.

Loop closed for PPC costs.

Any Questions?

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