What Is a CPT® Terminal? A Compressor Terminal that removes any hard-start from the system should the motor run capacitor fail

Watch this short video to see why every hard-start needs a CPT®


will run far above recommended parameters. Temperature and pressure inside the compressor will spike, causing DAMAGE, EARLY FAILURE, and very unhappy customers.


is protected as the CPT® acts as a kill switch to take the hard-start out of the system in the event of a failed motor run capacitor; avoiding damage and allowing for quick and easy motor run capacitor replacement.

Wiring with CPT®

Their newest innovation adds a level of protection when installed with a hard-start.
The Same Quality Capacitors have a NEW Feature! The Compressor Protector Terminal (CPT®)!
No hard-start? No problem! You can still use the capacitor as you usually would.

CPT comes standard on Turbo 200, Turbo 200X and HERM value USA Made Capacitors

  • Made in the USA - Manufactured in Palm Coast, Florida
  • Permanent replacement capacitors for A/C systems with or without hard-starts
  • Rust free all brass terminals
  • Individually tested and labeled with exact MFD ratings at completion of manufacturing
  • 370/440 V Single and Dual Capacitance
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • OEM Approved
  • UL/CSA Recognized
  • ROHS 3 Compliant
The CPT® can be used with ANY hard-start; but why not use the BEST Hard-Start?!

Turbo Easy-Start 5

Built better and more secure than competitors:

  • Start-capacitor is American made
  • Filled with a thick non-PCB dielectric fluid to reduce heat
  • Rust free all brass terminals
  • 2-wire universal, “low-loss” metallized motor-start capacitor
  • TES5EXT has a 3 year warranty and external potential relay
  • TES5 has a 5 year warranty, is completely enclosed and watertight, protected rain or shine with a built-in potential relay

Truly universal, replacing 4 commonly used hard start kits; using the easy to follow, color coded wiring diagrams, along with the quick connect jumper cables

  • Up to 1 TON (108 - 130 MFD)
  • 1 - 2 TONS (189 - 227 MFD)
  • 2.5 - 3 TONS (233 - 280 MFD)
  • 3.5 - 5 TONS (270 - 324 MFD)

Pairs perfectly with the Compressor Protector Terminal (CPT®) on AmRad’s Turbo 200®, Turbo 200®X and USA Herm size capacitors for a safe hard-start system that will protect your compressor in the event of a capacitor failure