Trip to the Florida University natural history Museum The amazing world of butterflies and Native Americans

When I first entered the door to the museum the first thing that showed up was this huge garden that was full of beautiful flowers and trees. There was one thing that made this garden more special and beautiful, butterflies. There were butterflies flying around the garden, green, yellow, black, gray... there were numerous butterflies with different wing colors. Most of the butterflies were small, but I could see some butterflies that were too big, that made me scared~. Some butterflies were hiding under the leaves and some were eating juice from bananas and grape fruits, some were flying between the flowers. It was a wonderful experience and I really felt that we should preserve these creatures and nature. Long time ago, before human starting civilizing, there must have been numerous butterflies and different beautiful creatures in the forests... I felt like it is our responsibility to protect them.... In overall, i really appreciated how the natural museum was protecting these butterflies.

After looking around the butterfly garden, the path took me to the ancient Native Americans historical cites and their living features. There were numerous figures that showed how their daily lives looked like and their cultures were. The best part were a real bones and stones found at that time. The museum preserved those stones and their materials for more than hundred years. Looking at the lives of the Native Americans, I could see how big religion took place in their lives and how simple their life style was. All they looked for was a food everyday and a way to survive. This survival led them to build new tools and technologies to upgrade their lives. While comparing the lives of Native Americans and our lives today, I could see how much human civilized and technology thrived.

The last part of the museum we went through was a under water sea life~~!!!! There were numerous under waster sea creatures that lived hundreds years ago and are extinct today. Most of the creatures were huge and looked the same as the current sea creatures exist today. They looked more creepy and unfriendly. The way the museum designed the path and the rooms were very interesting because I could feel the sea creatures swimming next to me. The most interesting part was a real fish body that the scientists kept inside the glass. They are fishes that lived hundreds years ago, but extincted today, but still there are fishes from the same species.

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