AISD New Francis Elementary School

Opening 2018-2019 School Year

Construction Commenced May 2017

Francis Elementary School is located on a new 55 acre site on Greens Rd. East in the City of Houston. It includes 150,000 sf building with 52 classrooms, science and computer labs, RTI and Dyslexia facilities, library, art studio, music hall, cafeteria, and gymnasium. The site plan includes separate bus and student drop off areas.

The site has been 95% cleared. Building pad preparation is 25% complete with work on the rest of the area in progress.

Concrete pier layout at the building pad has started

June 2017 Aerial View
Excavation of the detention pond is 25% complete.

August 2017 Updates

The first of five slab pours has been completed. Concrete pier installation has been completed.

Concrete pier caps and grade beams are in progress

August 2017 Aerial View

September 2017 Updates

Approximately 50% of slab pours have been completed. Concrete pier caps and grade beams are in progress for the remainder of slabs. Steel erection is in progress and is 25% complete. Grade beams and pier caps for the remainder of the concrete slabs is in progress. Parking lots are being graded and lime stabilized.

Steel Erection is in Progress

Concrete pour continues

Steel Frame Construction Progress

Towards the end of the month of September, the construction crews had completed a significant portion of the steel roof and wall framing of the structure. The crews also initiated the placement of the exterior panels on the walls of the campus

Steel Framing ground-view

Construction crew completing the steel roof assemblage
Parking lot, entrance way, and bus ramp framing / construction

Before the end of September, all concrete slab pours and over 40% of the building's steel structure had been completed. Also, the concrete work on one of the parking lots was completed

Bus ramp and entrance way re-bar framing

october 2017 updates

Throughout the month of October, the assigned crews continued the construction of the interior and exterior structures of the building

Bus ramp concrete poured

Ongoing Interior Structure Construction

Gymnasium frame and roof completed


All slab pours and over 65% of the steel erection / metal decking project has been completed. Crews have also completed 25% of the roofing installation and have begun installing the interior wall studs. The West parking lot concrete has been poured

Wall Stud and HVAC Installation

Roofing Installation

december 2017 updates

The steel erection and metal decking of the structure is 85% complete. Also, 75% percent of the roof installation has been completed. Interior wall stud installation is still ongoing and the parking paving is largely completed

Exterior waterproofing of the structure has begun

Roofing installation progress

Exterior Wall Construction

Exterior wall nearly completed

Interior wall stud progress

Cafeteria stage and building exterior progress

The placement of the building insulation, interior walls, and drywall has been intitiated

January 2018 Updates

The construction crews have completed the installation of the metal decking and steel erection of the facility. Brick exterior wall construction has begun and the installation of the windows has been initiated. Crews have also began placing concrete blocks on the exterior walls

Interior wall and insulation progress

February 2018 Updates

The roofing installation is complete and the window installation is nearing completion. The concrete block exterior walls of the gym, cafeteria, and library have been finalized. Also, over 90% of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing "rough-ins" are complete.

Wiring assemblage

Plumbing and insulation progress

Facility Sidewalk Construction

Drywall "floating and taping" progress

march 2018 updates

The exterior construction and window installation is near completion. The installation of the ceramic wall tile and the acoustical ceiling grid are currently underway

Completion of roof installation

Restroom ceramic tile installation

april 2018 updates

Before the end of March, the construction crews had completed the assembly of the exterior wall and the installation of the windows throughout the facility. The installation of the mechanical duct work and piping has also been initiated.

Ceiling and wall installations in progress

Framing and installation of building entrances

May 2018 Updates

Amphitheater in progress

Exterior of the building is complete . Interior drywall final painting is in progress. Casework installation is in progress. Installation of acoustical ceiling tile is underway. Installation of VCT flooring is is progressing. Avadek exterior canopy installation at main entries is 50% complete.

June 2018 Updates

Installation of acoustical ceiling tile and VCT flooring is nearing completion.

Play ground Area

Furniture installation is in progress

Library area

JUly 2018 Updates

Both the exterior and the interior of the building are complete. Building systems are operational. Installation of landscaping is nearing completion. The completion of the final building punch list is underway.

Francis Elementary front Entrance Lights has been installed.

Francis Elementary Stage Floor Received final Coating
Installing Amphitheater Area

Planting plants and trees around the main entry area started.

August 2018 Updates

Front entrance of Francis Elementary is ready for students and parents to walk in on the first day of school.

Administration area

Library is full of books ready for students to expand their knowledge.

Thomas B. Francis Elementary Opened for School August 20, 2018
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