Legacy Technologies Global Leader in glass-to-metal seals

Legacy Technologies Inc. (LTI) is known as one of the world's leading manufacturers of high reliability Glass-To-Metal Seals. LTI's wide range of capabilities have been used to design, develop, and manufacture products for many industries including defense/military, aerospace/exploration, telecommunications, RF/microwave, medical, automotive, laser, and sensor applications.
Legacy Technologies LLC. located in Mission, Kansas has been providing high quality glass to metal seal products and services for over 30 years and is ISO Certified and ITAR Registered.

Facility Overview

  • 28,000 square feet company owned building
  • 60+ employees
  • 9 belt furnaces and 2 batch furnace
  • Plating shop
  • Metal Stamping / Machining
  • Assembly, Secondary, Micro Welding

Customized Parts


  • All furnaces and equipment are on a preventative maintenance schedule
  • Routinely profiled for repeatability and accuracy
  • Extensive inventory of replacement parts in stock and all maintenance and service is done by an in-house employee

Metal Stamping

  • Progressive and single station die capabilities
  • Precision thin metal stamping specialists → .003/.005 material thickness
  • Prototype production quantities
  • In-house tooling

Assembly and Secondary Micro Welding Capabilities with Custom Welding Equipment

Equipment is designed and built using the latest power supplies, weld heads and programmable logic controllers (plcs).

  • All tooling is designed and made from raw material at LTI
  • All controls are designed and built at LTI
  • All programming is done at LTI
  • All tooling is maintained in house by the same team
  • Numerous electrode configurations are supported
  • Numerous power supply technologies are utilized

Plating Capabilities / Services

Legacy offers rack and barrel plating for the following:

  • Electroless Nickel per ASTM B733, AMS 2404, & SAE AMS-C-26074
  • Electrolytic Nickel per SAE AMS-QQ-N-290C
  • Electrolytic Gold per MIL-DTL-45204D
  • Electrolytic Tin Lead per MIL-P-81728 & ASTM B579
  • Electrolytic Copper per MIL-C-14550B
  • Passivation per QQ-P-35P Type VI, ASTM A380 Code F, ASTM A967 Nitric 2, & AMS 270 Type 6 Class 4

Extensive testing is performed to ensure the highest level of plating quality. Testing includes XRF measurement for plating thickness along with Bake and Adhesion testing.

LTI is also proud to be ISO 9001:2015 Certified, as well as, ITAR, DEFARS and ROHS compliant.

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Scott Riebel