25 fps Foo Jun Wei 2P2

I intended to capture the skies to portray the beauty within them. The sky is like a never ending film, every moment a new scene will be painted with the clouds, sunlight and wind. Hopefully this will inspire people to appreciate nature and save the environment.
Sometimes, we ought to turn back to look at ourselves better. In this society, everyone focuses too much on work, and often forgot to reflect on their paths thus far. Two students are too engrossed in discussing their work, even during a break, hence reflecting their diligence. And stress. But this could be prevented if they took time to look back to appreciate their accomplishments.
This photograph shows the difference between being an amateur artists and an experienced one. Everybody will start at being a beginner artist. The equipment needed are simple: pencil and paper. However as we advance to higher levels, we become more brave to try out new methods of creating art, and coupling with constant practice, who knows? You might be the next Picasso!
No, this isn't fog nor smoke. This is gas produced from fumigation. This photograph depicts the problems we face in our daily lives - pests. Although it may kill them, the poisonous gas produced harms the environment, even us, in many ways. It also shows the eerie similarity of a fog and fumigation, how Man is able to invent things that can change the environment. Hopefully in the rapid growing world, this method of pest control can go into the bin in the future.
Friends are the family we choose to be with. In this photograph I want to express the importance of friends in our lives. They go through thick and thin in school with us, and provide a listening ear to us. I also aim to portray those students' unique identities by their different sitting postures.
This photograph represents what everyone's goal of succeeding by climbing the unlimited flights of stairs, or boundless ladders. Both of which can be tiring, hence we have to take breaks and not tire ourselves completely. Many people tend to climb two steps at a time, hence I want to warn them about the cost of moving too quickly - it might do more harm than good.
There is a clear separation between nature and Man, as seen in this photograph. Some may find it organised, but I prefer both sides to blend together as one. The natural world allows us to feel more calm, hence it is important to add greenery in urban areas, to shift the focus on work, to indulge ourselves instead, into the beauty the world beholds.
Stray vs Pet. Can you tell the difference from these photographs? We can easily spot the difference from the leash on the dog. However, who has more freedom? Chained to railing, the dog can't go far. However, the stray cat has all the freedom to wander about. I happen to arrange the photos such that both of them are facing different directions, suggesting the drastic difference between being stray or a pet.
This photograph exhibits two staged photography - one of a student in real life, and one of a man on the newspaper. This promotes positive learning we should have inculcated in ourselves so as to make our learning experiences more meaningful. Hopefully more students enjoy learning as much as this student!
At first glance, you might think the CCTV is being attached to a tree, which was exactly what I intended the viewers to question. This relates to the inevitable control of the government in today's society. Even in "nature", eyes are everywhere to observe your actions, hence we have to beware of our behaviour in public
These contrasting photographs taken in the day and night shows the different paths we have to take everyday. We have to go to school/work every day, high-spirited, as portrayed by the vibrant and clean colours on the right. While we will go home every night feeling tired, fatigue, as suggested by the dull colours on the left
Doesn't the food look yummy? I attempted to shoot an artistic angle of to encourage the public to buy the food. This advertisement uses vibrant colours and light to make the food look tasteful and rich. The visual form of portraying the food is able to appeals to the public's emotions more.
The two ceilings creates a beautiful effect of symmetry and balance.
This photograph shows the advertisement from the police, to raise awareness of stolen bicycles. It evokes a sense of insecurity hence motivate them the be more careful. When looking at this photograph, it also makes you wonder: Was a bicycle stolen? Hopefully the advertisement can reduce the occurrence of stolen bicycles
In this photograph, a water tap is being locked, hence restraining access to the water source. I took this photograph to portray the importance of saving water, and how valuable water is to our daily lives. Thus we should never take water for granted. If we continue to waste water, one day water would be "locked" and be inaccessible to us.
Against the vast urban view, rests a quiet pigeon. It shows contrast between the organised urban area, and the open nature. The buildings in the photograph are in geometric shapes, and arranged neatly. While the pigeon has an organic, solid silhouette. And while humans are "trapped" in their allocated homes, the pigeon can fly around freely in the clear blue sky. This influences people to think about the evolution of mankind.
These two photograph evokes a sense of identity - I am proud to be a Hwa Chongian, as well as a Singaporean. It is who I am. These express my personal life, and my pride and gratitude to be raised in such a comfortable and safe environment!

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