Cynthia's Goals jan 11,2017 p.01

These are my goals and hopes of doing more for myself.

Semester Goal:

  • My semester goal is make the softball team, I will get there by practicing my throwing and batting everyday. That is how I will make Jv or the freshmen team. In the semester I plan on getting all A's and or one B, I will do this by studying when needed and taking good notes in class. I also plan on becoming a better dancer, I will improve by dancing everyday for 30 minutes.
softball, dace, studying

English Goal:

  • My English goal is to improve on my vocabulary and my grammar. In order to achieve this goal I will study 2 nights a week and try to read a book every month. I will also get a 85 percent or higher on every test, I will get there by studying two nights before the test and ask Mrs. Price for any help.
reading a book every month

High School Goal:

  • My high school goal is to get involved in school more. I will join clubs and any sports that interest me. All four years I will get good grades and pass with A's and B's. I will do this buy not lacking off with studying and doing my homework. I also plan on having the same friends for all four years.
I will do soccer next year

After School Goal:

  • My goal for after school is to travel and go to college. I will travel to little towns and go to my dream college. I will do this by Working hard on getting good grades and getting a scholarship. I will work during school to save up money to go where ever I want, and take my mom with me before I start college. I will graduate with a masters degree in business.
Hawaii, where I will take my mom

Personal Growth:

  • My goal for personal growth is to simply be happy. I will do this by not getting mad for no reason and learning how to control my anxiety. I will not let small things get to me and push them off to have a good day.
"Ohana means family, Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten." - Lilo and Stitch
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Cynthia Oliveros Rodriguez


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