Music during the cold war by: Ava Atwood

During the cold war there were many different types of music. The people would listen to music during this time to get away from all of the hectic activities that were going on. In the music that the people listened to there was different categories. The categories that were most popular were; rock, country, classic, jazz, folks music and many more. Jazz and folk music was inspired by the nuclear war.The composers of the music would sometimes talk about the war in their music, and others would make there music about something different so that the people would not have to worry about the war.

Songs about the protesting during the war and also a little bit of propaganda

- In some of the songs during the Cold War, would be about the military and the lyrics were like propaganda persuading the men to join the army. Most of the artist singing the songs would dress up in a military costumes, being more persuasive to the men.

- An example of a song that was talking about the protesting and the propaganda was the song Frankie goes to hollywood, Two Tribes. Two tribes was released in 1984. This song got it's name from this line of the song "when two great warrior tribes go to war." This line is also spoken in a movie during the Cold War. This song was released during the hard part of the war while the people were worried about the nuclear warfare was at stake. This song talked about the cowboys and indians. This line of the song, "On the air America/I modelled shirts by Van Heusen" was a reference to the current president Ronald Reagan. After the nuclear conflict the people made this song into many different remixes. The music video for this song was also a big hit During the Cold war. The video was of President Ronald reagan and the Soviet union Konstantin Chernenko fighting. This music video was shown during the 1984 Democratic National Convention

Songs about the War itself

Many rock/punk bands during the 1980’s would attack the Cold War era politics with their songs. Many songs even increased the confrontation between soviets and the americans. The music would also calm everyone down while the cold war was going on.

- An example of a song about the war was, "Master of war" by Bob Dylan. It was released in 1964. This song was talking about the war and about the people in the war. This song was mainly talking about the Vietnam war. In this song it is not showing peace, love or courage it was showing hatred. Lyrics- “And I hope that you die/ And your death will come soon”. There is no respect towards the soldiers. In the song it evens says that jesus would not even forgive them. Lyrics- “But there’s one thing I know/ Though I’m younger than you/ That even Jesus would never/ Forgive what you do.” Even Bob Dylan himself was surprised by the hatred and anger that he put into the song. “I’ve never written anything like that before. I don’t sing songs which hope people will die, but I couldn’t help it with this one. The song is a sort of striking out… a feeling of what can you do?” - Bob Dylan

- An other example of a song about the war was 99 Luftballons by Nena. It was released in 1983. It was a big hit in Germany. This was one of the songs during the 80’s that talked about the issue of the war. The song was about the german people's dreams being lost after the war. When they talk about the 99 balloons they are really talking about the Germans dreams being released into the sky. At the end of the song she finds one balloon and it represents one germans dream and she is saying that they really do matter and, she found it and released it.

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