Soup-A-Star Izak and Beau

My partner and I holding the Soup-a-Star

The Soup-a-star is nearly as fast as Usain Bolt. We built this bot because it was a fun way to incorporate a fun project into writing. My partner was Beau. He was a good partner because he worked and we didn’t argue. We chose the name of our bot because we were running out of ideas and we looked online. The purpose of this project was to incorporate something fun into writing. The Soup-a-star is the most versatile bot in the class because it is quick, tough, and has sharp objects.

The Soup-a-Star terrorizing cardboard

The Soup-a-star is by far the best and fastest car in the class. Out of a survey that was held, 13/14 people said that our car should have won. Our bot is small and lightweight so it can go fast. P.h.D David Càrdenas said this about the soup-a-star, “it is spiky and is really fast.” Since the car doesn’t have much bulk on it, it can go faster. The soup-a-star has an advantage over larger, more bulky bots because it can out speed them. We also have leverage on smaller, less durable bots because the battle ram on the back is built to take out weaker cars. The quickness of the Soup-a-star is unmatched by any of the other bots in our class.

The Soup-a-Star's power shown here

The Soup-a-star is the most versatile bot in the class. It is very good on offence and can turn around at any time and play good defence. It is durable, it can stop other cars in their path, and it can go head on head and win. Competitor and doctor Bryan Brabec said that ”the Soup-a-star was one of the most versatile bots I have ever seen.” It can beat small bots and big bots with its quickness and durability. A survey taken by competitors said that 83% of people who took the survey said the Soup-a-star would have been a nightmare to battle because of everything that it can do.

The Soup-a-Star is the best bot in the class because of its durability. The Soup-a-Star took around 23 hard hits during the battle. The reason for it being so durable is the flexible plastic around it.The plastic was impenetrable and bendy so the nails would bounce off of the car. Jared Wilson a teacher with a doctoral degree in swimming said this about its durability, “It is so tough it makes solid concrete look like a marshmallow.” The durability has been compared to the durability of a brick wall by opponents. Our battle bot is also good at turning defence into offence. For example, if we get cornered, we can ram into them and speed away with the battle ram on the back.

Close Up of the Soup-a-Star.

The Soup-a-Star is the best bot in the class because of its sharp and dangerous weapons. The battle ram in the back is a can covered in duct tape, with heavy objects put in it. It also has nails on the front to ram into opponents. The front has nails and cardboard that act as a mini ramp and spikes. The ramp didn’t do much but the nails did a number to opponents who had exposed soft spots. Opposing bots also hurt themselves more than us when they would try and ram into the battle ram on the back.

Battle ram on back seen here.

The Soup-a-star is the most diverse and unexpected bot in the class because of its speed, resistance, and weapons on the front and back. It is the most versatile bot in the class because it can do so many things in such little space. Our bot the Soup-a-star, is the quickest bot in the class. It is also a very durable due to the flexible plastic on the side of the car. The sharp and deadly nails on the front and back of the bot make it one of the most deadly bots in the class. It also can reverse and spin around really fast which gives us an advantage over the class. Our bot, at top speed, can reach speeds of that of a cheetah. The Soup-a-star has the versatility in the class because it is fast, rugged, and has sharp objects.

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