Acid Base Household Item pH Lab dariana rodriguez

-Bottled Water:Clear, no smell, liquid-pH of 7-Neutral
-Orange Juice:Watery, orange/yellow color, not fully opaque or clear, citric smell-pH of 6-acid
-Dishwash Soap:Greenish color, clear, slightly thick and runny, clean/ soap smell-pH of 7.5-slightly basic
-Tap water:Clear, more particles than bottled water-pH of 7-Neutral
-Cow's Milk:White, almost fully opaque, thicker than almond milk- pH of 7.5-Slightly basic
-Bleach:strong smell, clear, liquid-possible pH of 6-Acid
-Almond Milk:White, less thick than cow's milk, almost fully opaque-pH of 7.5-Slightly basic
-Lime:The inside of the lime is a light green color and is divided into sections. The actual lime juice is clear in color, almost resembling water. The smell is citrusy.-pH of 5-Acid
-Mouthwash (Listerine):Clear (looks almost exactly like water), strong alcohol/dental smell.- pH of 6- Acid
-Toothpaste (Colgate):White, fully opaque, very thick in consistency, able to hold shape until mixed with water or smoothened.-pH of 6.5-Slightly acidic
-Contact Solution:Completely clear with no smell, resembles water-pH of 8-Base
-Coca-Cola:Dark brown color, fizzy, bubbly, liquid, clear, somewhat sweet smell-pH of 6.5- Slightly acidic
-Face Wash (oil free, Neutrogena):Light orange in color, thick/jelly texture, clear, soapy smell, becomes a lather when mixed with water-pH of 7- Neutral(supposed to be basic since it contains soap)
-Fabric Conditioner/Softener:Light blue color, somewhat thick but more on the runny side, fully opaque, clean and fresh smell.-pH of 7.5- Slightly basic
-Hand Sanitizer:Liquid gel consistency, clear, strong alcohol smell-pH of 7-Neutral

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