For this exhibit I will test 3 new ways to study on 3 deferent test.

1. The first new way to study I will use will be quizlet. I have never used quizlet to study with. I Have used it for help on homework though. I will test this new way to learn on my upcoming marketing test. I will incorporate it in my cram plan 5 days out from the test. I will give myself plenty of time before the test to absorb this new way to learn. I will use quizlet by taking the practice exam questions the professor gives us and make a quizlet out of it. The test usually contains 15-20 word for word questions from the practice exam. I will still use the normal way I study I will just incorporate this new method with my old methods. It also improved my confidence being able to recognize problems.

I thought this new way to study was great. I will for sure be using quizlet again. What I really enjoyed most about quizlet is the fact you could study anywhere all you need is a laptop or phone. My grade increased a great deal. Quizlet helped me remember the information so well on the test a lot of times I wouldn't even have to read the question on the test I just recognized it. I think quizlet is a great study tool.

2. The second new way I will use to study will be self testing. I will use this for my upcoming math test. I discovered online there are a lot of extra practice exams. I will use these to self test myself. All of the test I will be using are old test from the class. I will incorporate self testing in my 5 day cram plan so I will have plenty of time to absorb the information. I will keep my old study habits I will just add study time with the new way to study.

I really liked self testing. I think seeing a lot of ways a problem could be asked really helped me and my grade reflects that. One of the problems I have in math is not being able to recognize what is asking me to do on the test. This really improved my confidence. I will be incorporating self testing in my study plan now it helped a lot.

3. For my last new way to study I will be trying out flash card. I have never used flash cards before. I will use them for my upcoming Management test. Before the last test I just read the book and that did not seem to work well. I will make flash cards of the key terms and definitions. I will incorporate it in my 5 day cram plan to give myself plenty of time to learn the new info. I will continue to read the book I will just add flash cards to help me study.

I found note cards very helpful. I think any way of studying is better than just looking over the material. Note cards really helped me for this test since most of it was memorization. I was very confident before the test because I knew all of my note cards. My grade increased which was nice. I will be using this study technique regularly now.

Reflection- I enjoyed all these new ways of studying. I enjoyed quizlet the most for the fact that you could study anywhere. It also helped me most because I have a tough time with memorization. I probably enjoyed self testing the least. This was probably due to the fact that it was math and that is my least favorite class. However, the study technique really helped me. It helped me see all the ways a question could be asked on a test because in past test I understood the concept I just didn't know how to apply it to the test questions. I enjoyed flash card almost as much as I enjoyed quizlet. I think the reason for this is also because you could study anywhere. I could be watching TV in bed but take a 15 min break and flip through my flash cards while I was laying there. I think this exhibit really gave me a lot of new ways to study that are really useful. I will be using all of this study ways a lot in the future.


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