Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH By: Taylor Johnson

Nature On Display

After visiting the Florida Museum of Natural History, I found the Butterfly Rainforest exhibit to be the most interesting. After being let in, we entered a room full of butterflies living in a flourishing environment. The exhibit captured my attention because I was amazed at the amount of activity that took place in such a small space. The amount of varying vegetation, species of butterflies, and flowers made for a room very aesthetically pleasing scene. Learning about different ecosystems in a class does not compare to actually being in a space recreated to simulate a Tropical Rain Forrest. You cannot begin to understand how many different species co-habitat in such a small amount of space until you visit this exhibit. Being surrounded by people who also took the time out of their day to experience the natural world was the most enjoyable part of the museum. Everyone around me was there for the pure enjoyment of our Earth and you could see how excited people got when observing the butterflies.

Nature and Ethics

The Natural History Museum gives us the opportunity to experience nature “as members of the “biotic community” rather than as “conquers of the land.”” Because this space is set-aside for the sole purpose of appreciating nature, it is impossible to think of us as individuals looking to take over the land. Instead, we are given the opportunity watch and observe animals in their natural habitat. When going through the museum, it was extremely peaceful. Thinking of ways to avoid the butterflies from landing on me was some of my first thought, but as I continued through the exhibit, I started thinking about all the different species and how these animals all live harmoniously together. By creating an environment where people are forced to observe their surroundings instead of interact with it, the Museum was able to create an atmosphere that connected you with the animals all around. I think it is important to “love, respect, and admire” the world around us because we are animals, just like the butterflies flying around us. By being able to observe an environment, I feel ethically responsible to care not only humans, but all creatures of our world.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History museum gives us an opportunity to step into an environment that we do not experience in our daily lives. Every day, we go to class, do homework, and go to different locations, but never fully appreciate the life around us. Being put in a simulation of an environment that is so different from our own, we are able to take a break from our ordinary lives and just enjoy. Being in touch with nature, helps us discover how insignificant some of life’s problems may be compared to all of the problems with our world. There are so many incredible species on the Earth, and we can fully appreciate them by taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture.


Created with images by FreeWine - "Butterfly" Photos taken with iPhone at Florida Museum of Natural History 

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